Trading Collectible Card Games

Trading Card Games (TCG) and Collectible Card Games (CCG) are typically themed around fantasy or science fiction genres, and have also included horror themes, cartoons, and sports, and may include licensed intellectual properties. Cards in CCGs are specially designed sets of playing cards. Each card within the CCG represent an element of that theme geared towards the gameplay of the CCG, and can fall in categories such as creatures, enhancements, events, resources, and locations.

All cards within the CCG typically share the same common backside art, while the front has a combination of proprietary artwork or images to embellish the card along with instructions and flavor text for the card. Expansion sets and booster packs are used to extend CCGs, introducing new characters or elements, extend gameplay strategies, and more.

Successful CCGs typically have thousands of unique cards through multiple expansions. For example, Magic: The Gathering initially launched with 300 unique cards, but as of March 2020 it had more than 22,000.

- Some info sourced from Wikipedia