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Help Pauly the Potoo rearrange his nest in this fantastic hand (and nest!) management game!

Pauly the Potoo bird has fallen out of his nest! Slightly dizzy, Pauly regains consciousness on the floor, surrounded by masses of shimmering feathers. Players help Pauly put his collection of feathers back in order in this delightfully colorful new set collection and hand management game.

The goal in Featherlight to optimally score each feather card in your hand to gain the most points.You’ll have to swap cards cleverly and collect sets that will combine with both your private hand and the public pool of shared cards (called the nest). Each feather card can earn you points, based on which feathers you have in your hand, and which feathers are in the nest at the end of the game. Each feather color has similar scoring conditions, with slight variations from feather to feather. Some may want feather sets, while some may want odd or even numbers of feathers of a certain color. The more complex the card is to score, the more points you can earn! The player with the most points at the end wins!

What makes Featherlight unique is the shared nest. You’re not just managing the cards in your hand but competing with your opponents to manage those central cards that affect everybody’s points. Maybe your interests align, and you can keep the card that you want available. Maybe you take the card your opponent desperately needs. Maybe you can even bluff an opponent into taking a useless card, revealing the card you needed underneath it! You’ll have to juggle the needs of your hand and the nest while guessing at how the nest will change before your next turn if you want to succeed.

The game ends as soon as the last card is drawn from one of the two draw piles. The player who drew the last card still gets to finish their turn, then the final scoring takes place, based on the final nest arrangement. Whoever scored the most points wins! Players can play one game at a time, or they can participate in Pauly’s Feather Tournament – a variant that lets players score three consecutive games worth of points to determine one ultimate winner!

• 70 Tarot-sized cards
• Rulebook
• Scorepad


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