Kenzer Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1996) CCG Booster Pack

Spieda Games

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These cards were given to Spieda Games by our dear friend Kathy (aka Kat) Hafer. Though she wasn't a gaming fan, she was a huge fan of the geekdom. My son and I will always love and miss her.

We lost her after a long hard fight against Pancreatic Cancer. She was a trooper and kicked it's butt for a while. So, we were fortunate enough to have several extra months to over pack our days with plans and do our best to keep up with her endless energy. :-)

This page is for her memory more than anything, but we also hope you'll donate your time or resources to help find those affected and help find a cure.

Miss you Kathy!

Thanks for reading...and now about those cards. 


The Monty Python and the Holy Grail Booster Pack is for the collectible card game, which has all the characters from The Holy Grail seeking quests, encountering silly Frenchmen and peasants. Players recite song verses, answer trivia, unclog noses, fling electric donkeys, get slop poured on them, and fight. Oh, and answer three questions, over and over...

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