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In a world where Variant Humans exist, evil is always just around the corner, and our Heroes can’t handle it alone — every Hero needs a Sidekick! The underground world you’re about to discover has so much more to tell you, but you’ll have to fight to save the city to discover it all!

Winner of the prestigious Tokyo Game Market award, this immense co-op game is the biggest game ever to come out of Japan!

Tokyo Sidekick takes deck building, board movement, and cooperative action to a new level. Players build Superhero/Sidekick teams and move around the board representing Tokyo, handling disasters and villains alike. Players use their deck as a resource to power their actions and special moves to defeat their enemies and solve problems. Before long, the Menace arrives and must be dealt with! Tokyo Sidekick is for 2-4 players and is heavily influenced by both Japanese culture and Western comics.

Each player takes control of one Hero and one Sidekick, and can use all of their level up powers, skills, limit-break abilities, and gadgets to start working with the other Heroes to solve incidents and defeat Villains. Once the Heroes defeat 2 Villains, 2 Supervillains, and the final boss --the Menace-- they win the game!

  • Released: March 2022
  • Language: English
  • Play Time: 45-60 minutes
  • Recommended Ages: 14+
  • Number of Players: 1-4
  • Developed by: Little Future

Model: JPG255
UPC: 0703558839244

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