Force Of Will CCG: Trinity Cluster Booster - Thoth of the Trinity

Force Of Will CCG: Trinity Cluster Booster - Thoth of the Trinity

Force Of Will

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A big city, there is no magic or Force of Will here.
Everyone thinks that.

Behind the scenes, there are witches who pursue their own curiosity with magic.
In the midst of all this, a “Witch"" set off for the holy land to unravel the mysteries of the world and then disappeared.

Her mother was a great adventurer and researcher, and she too became an “Alchemist Witch”.
She sets out on a quest to find her mother, who disappeared halfway through her life.
However, she is still unaware of the fate that has followed her on this journey.

“Lycanthrope"" who travels with her, “AAA"" who has no magic power, “Werebeast"" who is a beast of pursuit, and “Witch"" who stands in her way.
Can she find her mother at the end of various causes and effects?

She moves forward in pursuit of the shadow of her great mother. With the power of will in her heart.

A new Force of Will story begins.

★ This product is the first set of Trinity Cluster.
★ New characters become rulers and you can enjoy the game with various abilities.
★ The main character, Alchemist Witch, has an item area for research.
★ Each character has unique abilities and can perform various actions.
★ Enjoy Exploration, Transcend, item area, Remnant, Non-magic stone deck, and even more fun Force of Will.
★ Since this story intersects with past stories, past themes are also reinforced.
★ It is a set that both new and existing users can enjoy.

Product Breakdown
• Normal: 45 kinds
• Rare: 25 kinds
• Super Rare: 14 kinds
• Marvel Rare: 5 kinds
• Rare/J-Ruler: 6 kinds
• J-Ruler: 3 kinds
• Sub-Rule: 2 kinds
• Secret Card: 5 kinds
• Secret Uber Card: 1 kind



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