Hro DC Unlock the Multiverse Chapter 4: 4-Pack Premium Hybrid NFT Trading Cards

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Hro DC Unlock The Multiverse Chapter 4 Hybrid Trading Cards - The “Chapter 4” Collection is an extraordinary showcase of breathtaking artwork of iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains who have captivated fans across the ages…like The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. This 156-Card “Chapter 4” Collection introduces our rarest tier in any hybrid collection to date: The Hro Tier. There are only 150-Cards in the “Chapter 4” Collection Hro Tier. The thrill of the hunt is on! Additionally, there are very rare Mythical Packs up for grabs which include all four Mythic-tier cards. Full details on these rare packs can be found below!


  • “CHAPTER 4” COLLECTION BASE SET: This incredible collection brings together 121 unique designs, each one highlighting Super Heroes, Super-Villains, Comics, Locations, Iconic Phrases, Vivid Moments, Objects, Vintage Title Logos, Civilians and Alter-Egos across the DC Multiverse.
  • LIMITED-EDITION “THE FLASH” MOVIE CARDS: Become the fastest collector on Earth! The “Chapter 4” Collection includes 30 limited-edition movie card designs showcasing original artwork inspired by Warner Bros. and DC’s film “The Flash.”
  • HRO TIER CARD: Hold on to your capes! The “Chapter 4” Collection introduces our rarest tier yet for any Hro hybrid collection – The Hro Tier. This card boasts a holographic finish and depicts a breathtaking visual of Superman. Only 150 of these cards exist… Experience the thrill of the hunt!
  • GUARANTEED HOLOGRAPHIC TRADING CARDS: Holographic cards are guaranteed in every pack you buy! Each individual pack contains seven or eight cards with at least one holo per pack.
  • RARE MYTHICAL PACKS: The hunt is on for the rarest of the rare! The luckiest Hros will rip open rare 7-card Mythical Packs which include all FOUR Mythic-tier cards in the “Chapter 4” Collection, THREE holographic Legendary-tier cards from the collection’s Multiverse Cards or a Hro tier card.

UPC: 073854095676
Released: October 20, 2023

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