Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Pack

Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Pack

Wizards of the Coast

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IN STOCK NOW! - Released June 14, 2024

FROM Wizards of the Coast*:

Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern, one of Magic's most celebrated formats. Whether your players haven't picked up a set in a while or are card-slinging veterans, there's something for everyone to love.

Play Boosters are the ideal booster for the play environment—especially Limited format events. Plus, they're a thrilling pack-opening experience, providing players the opportunity to snag multiple Rare cards or even one or more possible Booster Fun treatments. A full display of Play Boosters supports a Draft event with extra left over to maximize the fun for your community. 

• One (1) Modern Horizons 3 Play Boosters Pack
• 14 Magic: The Gathering cards
♦ 1-5 cards of rarity Rare of higher 
♦ 3-6 Uncommon cards 
♦ 5-9 Common cards 
♦ 0-1 Land card (Traditional Foil Land replaces a Land in 20% of boosters) 
♦ 1 card of any rarity is Traditional Foil; Borderless Fetch Land in <1% of boosters

*NOTE: All details and images are pending and subject to change without notice. Due to the nature of the product, multiples of one card may appear, or it may be difficult to assemble a full set. The illustration may differ somewhat from the final product. Product details may differ from the actual product. Information and product details provided by Wizards of the Coast. 

Model: WOCD3290
UPC: 195166253596
Released: June 14, 2024

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