Planet Unknown

Planet Unknown


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A Giant Leap For Polyomino Board Games
Greetings Planeteer. The earth has run out of resources and you’ve been selected to develop a new planet to preserve the future of humanity. Build your own planet with polyomino tile-drafting, optimize the engine of your asymmetric planet and corporation, collect meteors with your rover clean-up crew, and best your neighboring planets in competition for objectives to win!

★ Zero downtime
★ 49 Asymmetric combos
★ Lazy susan space station
★ Heavier than most polyomino games

♦ Polyomino tile drafting
♦ Simultaneous play
♦ Engine-building
♦ Asymmetric

• 144 Unique polyominos
• 97 Wooden components
• 96 Event cards
• 30 tracker tokens
• 14 Plastic rovers
• 6 Planet and 6 triple-layer corporations boards
• Lazy susan space station
• Rulebook


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