(PREORDER) Warhammer: Legion Imperialis - Storm Eagle Squadron

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The Storm Eagle Assault Gunship is a dedicated tactical strike unit primarily used deployed in a Legion's orbital assault and for low-level ground attack. Rugged and durable, the power of the Storm Eagle lies in its versatility, serving capably as a long-range transport, orbital shuttle, scout and as an interceptor in addition to its primary roles.

More like a bomber in stature and armament, Storm Eagles will prove themselves essential to every Legions Imperialis general. Armed with a quad lascannon, twin heavy bolter, and dual frag missile pods, the weight of firepower they deliver is unmatched in their class. The frag missiles can be swapped for ground-pounding dual krak missiles or aerial-assassin hunter-killer missiles, ensuring you're prepared for any mission parameters.

These models can also be used in games of Aeronautica Imperialis by mounting them on Aeronautica Imperialis bases, sold separately.

The set includes:

- 2x multipart plastic Adeptus Astartes Storm Eagle miniatures
- 2x Legions Imperialis 40mm Round Flying Bases with ball socket stems
- 1x Space Marine Squadron transfer sheet

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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