Builders of Blankenburg: Cutthroat (Expansion)

Cobblestone Games

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The peaceful hamlet of Blankenburg just grew a bit darker as the competition to construct the town intensifies. Builders of Blankenburg: Cutthroat allows players to take matters into their own hands in their quest to build the most prestigious structures in the town. Torch your opponents buildings, steal their silver or resources, even corrupt the bidding process for a turn. When fame and fortune are at risk, everyone has the tendency to behave a bit cutthroat.

The Cutthroat expansion for Builders of Blankenburg adds direct player vs. player cards to the mix, each a dastardly way to disrupt your opponents' plans and further your own goals. In addition to the Cutthroat cards, the expansion also adds additional Characters, Visitors, and Events, to ensure no two games are ever exactly the same.

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