Campaigns Of Montrose: A Year Of Living Dangerously (1644-1645) (image)

Campaigns Of Montrose: A Year Of Living Dangerously (1644-1645)

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This is a two-player game. It depicts James Graham, the Marquisof Montrose, and his legendary string of victories over theScottish Covenanter government during the First English CivilWar (1642-1646). The Royalist player must recruit a Highland armyand either replicate Montrose’s victories or march into England.The Covenanter player must overcome factional infighting todefeat Montrose. Both sides must manage the tendency ofconscripted units to disband after every defeat or victory.

The game uses a modification of the Hand of Destiny series rules. Eachplayer has a unique set of campaign cards generating historical eventssuch as defection, plague, and the terrifying Highland charge, all of whichaffect recruitment, movement, and combat. Combat is resolved using aquasi-tactical procedure in which units take turns attacking one another.

• One 11x17 inch map
• 40 die-cut counters
• 18 Campaign Cards
• Eight page rules booklet

Model: DCG1729
UPC: 095109017295

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