[PRE-ORDER] Infinity: NA2 - Yuan Yuan (DA CCW)

[PRE-ORDER] Infinity: NA2 - Yuan Yuan (DA CCW)

Corvus Belli

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NOTEThis item is a pre-order. Any product added to the same order with special orders, pre-orders, and backorders will not ship until all product is available to ship as well.

Expected Ship Date: August 2022. Due to Covid and slowdowns in the shipping industry this item may be delayed.

The Yuan Yuan are pirate scrap dealers without a country, that offer themselves as mercenaries. They are outlaws, despised by a society that holds its nose long enough to use them as hired cannon fodder. The Yuan Yuan are good brawlers who join these undisciplined, loud units for the money.

Armies: NA2/ Qapu Khalqi / Ikari Company.

Model: CVB280762 / 280762
UPC: 0

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