TAMASHII NATIONS Bandai Robot Spirits RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01 Ver. A.N.I.M.E. Mobile Suit Gundam

Tamashii Nations / Bandai

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The long-awaited debut of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0083 in the popular ROBOT SPIRITS ver A. N. I. M. E. line! The first to get the treatment from the classic anime are the RX-78 GP01 and RX-78 GP02A. In the OVA series, these top-secret Earth Federation prototypes represented potential successors to the venerable RX-78 Gundam. The versatile and maneuverable GP01 faced off against the powerfully armed GP02 after it was stolen by renegade Zeon forces. The ver A. N. I. M. E. Gundam GP01 features incredible posability that was engineered to let you capture classic poses while it holds its weapons. Dynamic fighting poses are made possible by multi-axis joints and hinged armor plating, which work in concert to make this a highly articulated figure. A variety of included accessories and effect parts let you re-create climactic battle scenes with the GP02, sold separately in August; some of the effects are interchangeable between the two. The Gundam GP01 set includes the figure, four pairs of optional hands, a hand storage deck, a beam rifle, a shield, a bullpup machine gun, two rifle cartridges, a beam rifle holder, a back attachment for the shield, two saber effects, a curved saber blade, a beam rifle effect set, a beam shooting effect, sword-crossing effect, and two Vernier effects.


  • Figure measures about 4 9/10-inches tall
  • Multi-axis joints and hinged armor plating
  • 4x pairs of optional hands
  • Beam rifle, 2x rifle cartridges, a beam rifle holder
  • Shield, Back attachment for the shield
  • Bullpup machine gun
  • Curved saber blade, 2x saber effects
  • Beam rifle effect set, a beam shooting effect, sword-crossing effect, and 2x Vernier effects


  • Package Length (inches): 7
  • Package Width (inches): 2
  • Package Height (inches): 7

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