FAQ and Policies

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Currently, Spieda Games does not offer shipping to APO and FPO addresses. Please continue to check back as we update and expand our policies and services.
(Updated 2020-07-16)

Regularly stocked items typically will appear with the option to back-order the product directly on the product page. All in-stock items will ship prior to the back-order, as they are available and according to your selected shipping method.

Although we attempt to keep the best selling and latest items on hand throughout the year, some items may be out of stock temporarily due to production or distribution delays. During these times, you can place a back-order to receive the product whenever our supply is replenished. For all orders, payment is required whenever the order is placed.

If you find an item that does not show a back-order option, please contact our Customer Care Team (customercare@spiedagames.com) and include the product page URL. Be sure to include "BACK-ORDER REQ: <product name>" in the subject line, where <product name> is the product you wish to back-order. 
(Updated 2020-07-22)

We understand that sometimes when you place an order, you do not need it right away. Upon request, we can hold most orders up to 30 days. However, we cannot hold pre-orders, backorders, or limited stock merchandise.

If a specific release date isn't stated in the hold request and we do not receive a follow-up in 15 days, the order will automatically cancel and product hold(s) will release.

If a hold is needed, once you place your order immediately send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com containing “CUSTOMER HOLD: Order#<number>” in the subject line, where <number> is your order number. Also, in the body of the email, include your name, order number, anticipated shipping address, and desired release date. At this time, no order may be held more than 30 days. If we are unable to hold the requested product, we will notify you and attempt to provide an alternate option.

If you cannot provide a specific release date in the original email request, you must followup within 15 calendar days, in order to release your order or provide a release date. Simply send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com containing “RELEASE CUSTOMER HOLD: Order#<number>” in the subject line where <number> is your order number. In the body of the email, include your name, order number, and confirmation of the shipping address where you would like your order to be delivered once the hold is released. If any changes are requested, we will contact you before releasing or canceling the order.

NOTE: Once a hold is placed on an order, it will not automatically ship without a release date.
(Updated 2020-07-22)

Your business is appreciated, and we understand that sometimes an order is placed in error or you just want to make a change. Whatever the reason may be, we will do our best to accommodate your order cancellation and change requests. However, once an item has been processed, it typically cannot be changed or canceled. This restriction is due to the fact that orders may have left our warehouse before shipping information has been logged. Also, some Special Order, Pre-order, Signed, and Limited-Edition products may have change restrictions, cancellation restrictions, or non-refundable deposits.

While we cannot guarantee any change or cancellation in advance, requests received the same business day and within two hours of placing the order have the best chance of being handled. However, digital product and gift card orders which have been processed may not be changed, exchanged, cancelled, or returned.

If you find that you need to cancel, change, or update an order, please send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com. Be sure to include your name, contact phone number, order number, the product ID, and how we may assist you with your order. If requesting cancellation, please include the reason as it may help us better serve our customers in the future.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we are unable to redirect orders, change the billing information, or change shipping information after shipment.
(Updated 2020-07-22)

We are deeply invested in our community, as well as the safety of our customers and team. Therefore, all staff are required to wear masks and gloves while handling and packing your merchandise.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Need a gift message included in your order? We are happy to accommodate you! You may enter a gift message for your entire order on the Cart summary page (https://spiedagames.com/cart). The message will be included in each box shipped for your order.

Gift messages have a 200 character limit and are included free of charge.
(Updated 2020-07-22)

At this time, we are working to incorporate gift box options in our online ordering system. Please continue to check back as we update and expand our policies and services.
(Updated 2020-07-22)

Currently Spieda Games does not offer International Shipping. International collectors or buyers who receive products via gift exchange or through other means are responsible to pay duties to the carrier. Because we do not offer international shipping we suggest that international recipients work with the originating customer regarding any exchanges.

If you received a product with missing components, our Customer Care team will do its best to coordinate the part replacement through the manufacturer. Such replacements may incur additional shipping charges and may require proof of purchase. However, damage due to shipping must be addressed with the international carrier or original buyer.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Customer Care team via email at customercare@spiedagames.com.

Please continue to check back as we update and expand our policies and services.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Some of our items are only available via pre-order with a non-refundable deposit (NRD). These items tend to be limited edition, limited quantity, or special order. Because these items may not be part of our regular inventory or have limited availability that we are reserving for you, we ask for an order commitment via a non-refundable deposit.

Refunds on NRDs are possible only in the following circumstances:

    • When the product has been delayed more than 30 days from the most recent ship date. In such case, you should receive notification of the delay with the option to cancel or you may email us directly to request cancellation within 3 days of our updated expected date notification.
    • Within 24 hours of placing the order. Once the order has been accepted and placed with our distributor, we cannot cancel the order. However, you may cancel for any reason within 24 hours of placing the NRD product order. All other items placed on the same order carry our standard cancellation policy.
    • When the product "expected date" has changed more than once, customers may cancel within 3 days of our updated expected date notification.
    • If a product has no "expected date", the order may be canceled within 7 days of the order being placed.
      (Updated 2020-07-26)

As a small business we value every customer and sale. We accept most major credit cards and will assist with PayPal payments. Credit card payments will be processed through our standard ordering system. 

While we do not accept cash, personal checks, or out of state checks, we can accepts order payment with US Postal Service Money Order or a certified cashier’s check from a Virginia bank. All other payments (e.g., not credit card or VA Cashier’s Check) may be guided through a PayPal gift certificate purchase option. Please contact customercare@spiedagames.com for additional assistance.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Occasionally, we may offer a product before it is made available by the manufacturers. For these or other pre-order purchases, payment may be required at the time of placing the order. If a pre-order product is part of a larger order, the rest of the order will ship as normal, and the pre-order product will ship separately once available.

Some of our items are only available via pre-order with a non-refundable deposit (NRD). See our Non-Refundable Deposit policy for further information on such deposits.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Visit our Privacy Policy page for more information: https://spiedagames.com/policies/privacy-policy

Price Match

As a small business we do our best to offer competitive pricing, while providing the best service to each of our customers. We prefer to think of ourselves as more of a specialty store or boutique. Therefore, we are not always able to match the price of big box, discount, closeout, or marketplace stores.

If you find a better price from an online or brick-n-mortar store, we will do our best to match their price, if we regularly stock the product and have it on-hand. However, we cannot price match limited edition items, clearance, special purchases, collectibles, comics, digital, pre-orders, backorders, used, and other limited stock merchandise. Also, product prices can only be matched within 14 days of purchase.

If you would like to request a products price to be matched, send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com with a subject of "PRICE MATCH: Order#<number>" where <number> is your order number. In the body of the email, include your name, the name of the product whose price should be matched, and an appropriate link to the same product listed elsewhere at a lower price.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Price Adjustment

We understand that having a product go on sale soon after your purchase can be frustrating. So, we are happy to offer price adjustments within 14 days of your purchase, if we place a product on sale that was a part of your order and we have the product in stock. Clearance, special purchase, digital, collectible, comic, used, and limited stock merchandise are not eligible for price adjustments.

To request an adjustment, simply send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com with a subject of "PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Order#<number>" where <number> is your order number. In the rest of the email, include your name, purchase price, sale price, and the name of the product which has gone on sale. We will provide credit based on the method of payment and difference in price.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Price and Description Errors

We work closely with our distributors and vendors to provide pricing and information as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, prices or descriptions may occasionally be in error. If you believe you have located such an error, please send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com with a subject of "PRODUCT ERROR: Product#<number>" where <product> is the product number or link to the product. In the body of the email, include the link to the product and its name. We will look into the error as soon as possible.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Visit our Refund Policy page for more information: https://spiedagames.com/24215224400/policies/refund-policy.html?locale=en

Grand Opening Shipping Offers

During our grand opening, we have special offers available for shipping. For order merchandise totals above $99, we will provide free shipping. Additionally, we offer free two-day shipping on most items for orders above $199. These offers will be available for any order made during the our Grand Opening Sale.

Shipping Methods

We have the ability to ship through FedEx, UPS, USPS, and local courier. Our basic and free shipping options will use one or more of these ship methods, at our discretion. 

Shipping Location

Our warehouse is located in Springfield, VA, and shipping costs will be calculated from this location to your provided shipping address.

Local Pickup and Delivery

During our Grand Opening Sale, we will offer Local Delivery and Pick Up options. Local Delivery is available within 5 miles of zip-code 22150. If your order total is over $99 and shipping address is within range, the order may qualify for FREE 2-day local delivery by our courier. If your order is worth $149 and are within range, your order may qualify for FREE same-day delivery.

In all other cases, local delivery costs $5. These prices are subject to change after the Grand Opening.

Local Pickup is available for most orders, and is always free. We will contact you to schedule a pickup time and date.

Drop Ship

Drop Ship is currently not available.
(Updated 2020-07-25)

Similar to items that may be out of stock, if you do not find the product you wish to buy, let us know and we will advise you if we can add it to our inventory. When possible, we will also provide the expected price and availability date. Just send an email to customercare@spiedagames.com containing “INVENTORY REQ: <product name>” in the subject line, where <product name> is the product you wish to purchase. Also, in the body of the email, please provide the manufacturer, model number, part number, color, description, and UPC code if available.
(Updated 2020-07-22)

Customers in the Northern Virginia area may take advantage of our Used Product and Buyback Program. Simply send an email to bbp@spiedagames.com containing "USED and BBP: <order number>" in the subject line, where <order number> is the original Spieda Games order number for the product if it was purchased with us. Also, in the body of the email, please include the product name, manufacturer, UPC, and condition of each product you wish to sell. Product condition codes are listed in the table below.

NEW and Sealed - NEW

Open, complete, not played, and mint not punched - Like New

Played, complete but may be punched - Like New

Played, missing parts - Incomplete

Played/Opened, damaged or missing box, complete - No Box

Played, damaged or missing box, missing parts - No Box Inc