2022 I Love Penguins Counter Unit Display - 24 Packs (image)

2022 I Love Penguins - Single Pack

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2022 Topps I Love Penguins! (Figures & Stickers) delivers (1) Adorable Penguin Figure (1-of-14 to collect) and (1) Sticker in Every Pack! Get ready for some winter fun as Topps releases the latest in its successful line of cute, fuzzy figures: I LOVE PENGUINS! This colorful assortment of adorable penguins is something kids will want to collect all year round! These adorable collectible flocked figures offer (14) different versions to collect. Chase (2) RARE Gold & Silver (1:24 Packs, each)!


Gravity Feed Configuration: 6 counter units/24 packs/2 items (1 figure + 1 sticker)

2022 Topps I Love Penguins! (Figures & Stickers) PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (1) Penguin Figure and (1) Sticker in Every Pack!
    • (14) adorable, collectible penguin figures that feature colored flocking.
    • Chase (2) RARE Gold & Silver Penguins (1:24 Packs, each)!

    Model: TOILP22-CU
    UPC: 887521112203

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