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Can you tell who among you is real or robotic? This micro-game asks 2-3 close friends to decide the fate of the human race! Humans prosper if they correctly shoot the Robot but the Robots win if humans turn on each other. Peace can be achieved by a handshake but sneaky Robots have an iron grip.

By combining sets, you can play a larger game with more friends in Extended mode. It is still possible there are no Robots, but now, they can replace a human each night after someone is eliminated. Luckily, the Robots were programmed not to use weapons...

This bundle includes Extended Rules for 2-10 players.
Players: 2 – 3 or 2 – 10 with multiple packs
Playtime: 2 minutes
Ages: 8 – Adult

Model: LOO104B
UPC: 857848004871

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