Axis And Allies: Guadalcanal

Axis And Allies: Guadalcanal

Renegade Game Studios

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HEAD-TO-HEAD: Play as the United States or Japan in this intense head-to-head experience for two players! Classic Axis & Allies gameplay set in the Solomon Islands in August 1942.

TOKENS: The Airstrip tokens now feature control markers for both the United States and Japan on opposite sides. Nine Damaged Tokens indicate when airstrips have sustained damage.

DICE ROLLING: Enhance your gameplay experience with the Battle Box, your go-to tool for rolling dice during intense attacks! Enjoy a smoother, more convenient way to determine the outcomes of your battles.

UPDATES: Updated the mini sculpts for several of the pieces to make them more appropriate for the setting of this game. Updated the rulebook to add any clarifications and FAQs since the previous printing.

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