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This product releases on May 17, 2024

Guide the Courtiers around the hall and attempt to sway a family’s influence. Manage your Courtiers and read the plans of your opponents to emerge with the most points!

There are 6 different families consisting of 15 Courtier cards each. On your turn you’ll draw 3 cards, then play 1 to the Queen’s Table, 1 in your Domain, and the last in an opponent’s Domain. At the Queen’s table, cards can be played either above or below the column of the matching family. At the end of the game, the families with more cards above than below will be Esteemed. Those with more cards below the mat than above will be Disgraced. The cards in each players’ domain will be scored based on whether their families are Esteemed (+1) or Disgraced (-1).

Additionally, some Courtiers have special powers when played and each player begins the game with a secret scoring objective. The player with the most points wins!

  • STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: Guide Courtiers around the hall, sway family influence, and outmaneuver opponents in this strategic card game of royal intrigue.
  • FAMILY DYNAMICS: Navigate the complexities of 6 different families, each with 15 unique Courtier cards, and strategically position them to gain Esteem or avoid Disgrace.
  • DYNAMIC CARD PLAY: Draw 3 cards each turn and strategically place 1 at the Queen's Table, 1 in your Domain, and 1 in an opponent's Domain to maximize your influence.
  • SPECIAL POWERS: Discover Courtiers with special abilities that can tilt the balance of power in your favor, adding layers of depth and strategy to every game.
  • SECRET OBJECTIVES: Begin the game with a hidden scoring objective, adding an element of mystery and unpredictability to each playthrough.


  • 90 Courtier cards
  • 20 secret mission cards
  • 1 game mat
  • 1 rulebook


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