Dragon Ball Super TCG: Theme Selection - History of Vegeta [TS02]

Bandai Japan

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All 15 cards come with new illustrations recreating some of the most popular scenes! Offering more well-designed cards for the increased number of collectors in the UW series.

History of Vegeta FEATURES:

  • Reprints with new illustrations of Vegeta.
  • 15 Foil cards including 3 Silver Foil with a Gold-stamp
  • Improved card design

Theme's Card List

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
BT9-133 Yellow Vegeta's Final Flash
Holo with gold stamp!
BT10-041 Blue Vegeta, Savior of the Future BATTLE C 1
BT10-068 Green Vegeta, the Lone Prince BATTLE C 1
BT10-088 Green Dormant Potential Unleashed EXTRA SR 1
BT10-105 Yellow Vegeta, Prideful Transformation BATTLE SR 1
BT11-032 Blue Vegeta LEADER UC 1
BT11-052 Blue SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior
Holo with gold stamp!
BT11-053 Blue Vegeta, Ready to Rumble BATTLE R 1
BT11-066 Green Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Prideful Warrior
Holo with gold stamp!
DB1-002 Red SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weakness BATTLE SR 1
DB2-133 Black Vegeta, Strength of Legends BATTLE R 1
DB2-159 Black Protector of the People EXTRA SR 1
DB3-126 Blue/Green Vegeta, Villain-Turned-Protector BATTLE UC 1
EB1-07 Red Vegeta, Royal Evolution BATTLE SR 1
EX12-02 Yellow Vegeta, Unison of Fury UNISON EX 1


  • Each player must have 50 Battle/Extra/Unison Cards and 1 Leader Card to play the game.
  • Release date: July 8, 2022

Model: BJP2630034
UPC: 811039037192

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