Dungeonology: Circe's Bay (Expansion)


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On Mount Circeo, which overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, stands an imposing and mysterious palace.
Since it is surrounded by a Mediterranean Maquis forest, arriving at the palace seems almost impossible, as if the forest plants themselves are moving to create everchanging paths to confuse and divert unwanted guests. But if you come from the sea and traverse the white beach below the promontory, where mysterious sea creatures are said to gather, the rumors say that a Passage to the fabulous mansion can be found.
It is time to put into practice your experience as explorers, to unveil the secrets of Mount Circeo and enter the palace and find out if the legends that say it is still inhabited by the mysterious sorceress Circe and her servants are true. Be careful, Scholars, because if you encounter the sorceress, you will have to resist her devious spells, capable of turning her enemies into servant animals for all eternity!

You are the ideal candidates for this job, so get going, and do not disappoint the expectations of Rocca Civetta. Set on the slopes of Mount Circeo, this Dungeonology expansion will lead you to unveil the secrets of the immortal sorceress Circe. You are going to face a thousand dangers: the sorceress will try to turn you into one of her sevant animals, her servants themselves will jealously guard the secrets of Circeo, the Leonine Guards of the palace will always be on your trail, and, if you aren't carefull, you may find yourself facing Circe's terrible pet Kraken!

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