Ettin - Two Against The World

Ettin - Two Against The World


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Unite two nations as Allies, harness Magic, and Military, and trample Enemy defenses!

In Ettin, 2-8 players create teams of two Nations (an odd player creates a Rogue Nation) and work to defeat the other teams around the table. Draft units to recruit and deploy in three rounds of increasingly epic Wars. Harness the unique cards and playstyle for each of 8 Nations, and dozens of possible alliances.

• Discover tons of strategy and variety at a low price point
• Recruit over 125 different units with unique art and capabilities
• Draft and battle quickly, and simultaneously around the table
• Expand the player count to 16+ with multiple copies

• 1 Game Board
• 120 Nation Cards
• 101 Mercenary cards
• 36 Adventure cards
• Adventure dice
• 1 Round Tracker Token
• Gold tokens in 4 denominations
• 8 Nation Mats
• 1 Mercenary Nation Mat
• 4 Initiative Tokens
• War Tokens
• Battle Tokens
• Siege Tokens

UPC: 634482875025
WHloc: BGA-1, TWO

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