Festive Polyhedral WATERLILY/WHITE 7-DIE SET

Chessex Mfg Co Llc

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Chessex best of the best - Signature™ dice. Their Signature dice are made up of the best sellers across Chessex's newest lines. Each set comes with 7 dice: 1 D4, 1 D6, 1 D8, 2 D10, 1 D12, 1 D20.

Dice Group: Dice Menagerie 10
Dice Color: Waterlily
Number Color: White

Set includes: 4-sided (d4), 6-sided w/numbers (d6), 8-sided (d8), 10-sided (d10 numbered 0-9), Tens 10 (10-sided die numbered 00-90), 12-sided (d12) and 20-sided (d20).

Publisher: Chessex
Product Type: Gaming Supplies
Product Sub-Type: Dice
Country of Origin: Germany

Model: CHX27546

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