Force Of Will CCG: Trinity Cluster - YokoShima Starter Deck

Force Of Will CCG: Trinity Cluster - YokoShima Starter Deck

Force Of Will

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Yokoshima was born in Valhalla.
He can create various things. He enjoys creating and continues to create.
Even if his work is scrapped, it can be restored in his hands. Once he has made something, he does not care if it is in a cemetery.
His "factory" became known as the "Land of Aradia," and he lived peacefully with his creations. However, one day he realized that there is something he cannot create.
It is a being equal to himself.
He could create life, but he deeply understood that it was not equal to him like the creator.
Deep in his heart, he was looking for an existence where they could recognize each other and respect each other. Then he heard a rumor that someone had gone to another world.
He followed the trail of that person and was able to meet the person's companion.
That person's name is Lehen. He uses all his abilities to move to another world.
In search of a "friend" he has not seen yet. Even if it means forgetting everything about himself.

★ This starter deck contains Valhalla illustration.
★ It supports [Remnant] and ""Beast"". He also uses his unique [Mana] and Ancient Magic abilities.It contains all new cards from the Valhalla illustration, exclusive to this set.

*This does not apply to re-print cards and magic stone cards.

★ Ruler/J-Ruler Card: 1 kind
★ Main Deck: 40 cards (14 kinds, including re-print 2 kinds)
★ Magic Stone Deck: 10 cards (4 kinds)
★ Total 51 cards

• 1 rule sheet
• 1 playmat sheet
• 1 quick rule guide
※ Specifications and designs may be subject to change.


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