[PRE-ORDER] Infinity: O-12 - Bluecoats (Adhesive Launcher)

Corvus Belli

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Expected Ship Date: August 2022. Due to Covid and slowdowns in the shipping industry this item may be delayed.

Despite their reputation for being rough, the sight of these officers patrolling the decks of the Circulars is always reassuring to any passenger. A Bluecoat is a guarantee that no criminal will even consider attempting anything while one is around. The crook’s physical integrity would be on the line!

This blister includes 1 Bluecoat with Adhesive Launcher. The combination of weapons and skills of this trooper makes them the perfect reinforcement for O-12’s base troops.

Armies: O-12 / Starmada

Model: CVB282021 / 282021
UPC: 0

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