(Preorder) Marvel Heroclix: Deadpool Weapon X Booster Brick (10CT)

(Preorder) Marvel Heroclix: Deadpool Weapon X Booster Brick (10CT)


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Releases 6/28/2024

The Biggest Mouth of the Weapon X Program is Back!
Deadpool became a test subject as part of the Weapon X program, which implanted him with a healing factor derived from Wolverine.

The Merc with a Mouth is back, with a HeroClix set revolving around him and his awesomeness! Ranging from his first appearance fighting the New Mutants, to some of his alternate versions like Pandapool, this set has it all. Comic and movie fans alike will love the inclusion of Domino's Hotshots and the iconic X-Men from Uncanny X-Men 275!

It wouldn't be a Weapon X set without a generous helping of Wolverine! Whether you prefer Patch or Old Man Logan, you're likely to find your favorite version of Logan in these boosters!

Duo figures make a powerful return to HeroClix. If you like the fastball special or some of Deadpool's wildest team-ups, you'll love these chase figures.

Model: WIZ84938
UPC: 634482849385

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