MetaZoo - Alpha Gator Wilderness Theme Deck (1st Edition)

MetaZoo - Alpha Gator Wilderness Theme Deck (1st Edition)


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Deep within the sewers and catacombs of New York City, Alligators can never feel more alive. However, invasive species threaten the home of the Sewer Alligators, and the Alpha won't settle for it. Evolve these dinosaurs with armored scales and primal instinct, and turn the tides with this Water Spellbook.

What's up everybody, it's me! MONK! If you've been around, you know who I am; this deck will show you the might and pure strength of my all-time personal favorite Beastie, the Sewer Alligator! Most overlook these touch little guys. Also, I have a new friend with me helping me clear all the evil from the veil, the Alpha Sewer Gator! This baby has been asleep for quite some time, but I manage to convince it to awaken from its pepperoni and cheesy sewer water slumber to help us all with this Water Tribal Deck!

1 Sealed Water Theme Deck
40 Pages (Cards)
1 Sealed Holographic Promo Card
1 Metallic Coin
1 Rulebook
1 Booster Pack

Model: MZG23337
UPC: 195893233373

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