MetaZoo - Ijiraq Wilderness Theme Deck (1st Edition)

MetaZoo - Ijiraq Wilderness Theme Deck (1st Edition)


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The North is brutal, cold, and unforgiving. Yet among these barren lands, life thrives, both in blood and in spirit. Channel the energy of the Alaskan Vortex utilizing this Frost Spellbook. Call upon Wooly Mammoths and Friendly Snowmen. But be careful of this magic, or be trapped by the Ijiraq.

Heya, Casters, my name is Mandel and some of you may already know me as I am one of the resident Metzooologist of MetaZooniversity. I am honored to present to you a Frost Tribal Deck that I've crafted with my frostbitten fingers to help teach you the true power of the frost aura type. If you're new, I hope this Spellbook helps you break the ice into MetaZoo. I spent all winter in the arctic tundra learning the power of frost so I could give you a good Spellbook for your tournaments. Some may even say I've taken an icy path.

1 Sealed Frost Theme Deck
40 Pages (Cards)
1 Sealed Holographic Promo Card
1 Metallic Coin
1 Rulebook
1 Booster Pack

Model: MZG11470
UPC: 195893114702

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