Necromunda: Palanite Enforcer Taurus Venator

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The Tauros Venator is an all-terrain vehicle, favoured by the Palanite Enforcers as a rapid interceptor ideal for policing the vital ridgeways that criss-cross Necromunda's ash wastes. The Enforcers only have a limited presence beyond the hive cities, so these swift but well-armed vehicles are vital for traversing the outlands at speed and bringing brutal justice to those who would threaten wealthy guild convoys or respectable hiver travellers.

This multipart plastic kit builds an Enforcer Tauros Venator – a sturdy, six-wheeled vehicle employed by Palanite Enforcers. The Venator's turret sports a choice of heavy weapons – twinned heavy stubbers or concussion cannons – and can be assembled without glue, allowing you to swivel it around mid-battle. The Palanite Ranger in the driver's seat can be built with two different poses, while the gunner comes with a choice of helmet or rebreather mask. The kit also includes three items of stowage to accessorise your Venator, such as spare fuel and wasteland gear.

This set comprises 97 plastic components

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly

Rules for using the Enforcer Tauros Venator can be found in the Necromunda: The Aranthian Succession – Ruins of Jardlan supplement, which is available separately.


Model: 301-27
UPC: 5011921203321

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