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Monolith Arena: Academics Army Pack

Portal Games

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Monolith Arena: Academics Army Pack contains many mesmerizing mages and lots of powerful runes. It includes an additional mechanism called Mana, and a brand new battle effect that heals units on the board.The Academics are a guild of sorcerers, yet they are so much more. They not only control the flow of magic but also rule miraculous cities and states that have been formed with a mixture of magic and technology. Are you ready to control this flow?Contents35 Tiles22 Markers1 Faction Reference SheetRulebookAges: 10+Players: 2-4Game Length: 30 minutesThis is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Monolith Arena is required to play.
  • The expansion introduces new mechanisms to the base game.
  • A low price for a pack that brings a lot of diversity and replayability.
  • Vivid theme with fantasy battle wizards!

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