Private Die

Mystic Ape Games

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There's a serial killer on the loose, and you're a Private Eye trying to track him down. You and other Private Eyes will take turns questioning witnesses to get clues from them. You can try and feed the witness some information in hopes of jogging their memory, but you risk pushing them too hard.

If you aren't careful, the witness will crack and feed you false information, which sets back your investigation. The first detective to collect 15 clues catches the serial killer and solves the case.

The first player will reveal a witness card and roll a D10. Add the value of the D10 with the number on the witness card to get the witness value. This represents the stress the witness will be able to endure before cracking. Each player's goal is to get as close to the witness value without going over.

Each player in turn order chooses to roll 1-5 of their D6. If their roll turns out lower than desired, the player may pay a clue to roll an additional die to add to the value. If a player exceeds the witness value, the witness cracks under pressure and gives bad information, causing the offending player to lose two clues. After all players have rolled, the player who is closest to the witness value without cracking the witness gains clues equal to the number of dice they rolled.

The game ends once any player gets 15 or more clues at the end of a round.

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