The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls - Ultimate Collection

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls - Ultimate Collection

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The Ultimate Collection is the one-stop shop for the biggest fans of the game. Containing the 2nd edition of the base game, the Four Souls+ expansion, and the Requiem expansion, all inside the majestic Big Boi treasure chest box, the Ultimate Collection comes with over 700 cards! Yes, that's right, more than 700 cards! Start a new collection, or upgrade your exisitng one: either way, the Ultimate Collection will serve you well.

With more than 35 different characters, and hundreds of monster, treasure, and loot cards to experience, there are endless combinations and almost infinite replayability! The Ultimate Collection also comes with the Requiem expansion's Room Deck, which players are encouraged to add once they are more familiar with the game. The Room Deck adds more than 60 room cards to your game, each of which mixes up the flow of gameplay in interesting ways for new and experienced players alike.

Also containing a D6 (complete with Isaac's face!), a D8, 100 'tainted' plastic pennies, 10 plastic nickels, a ‘tainted’ coin bag, heart and tear tokens, and card dividers to keep your collection organised, this mega collection comes with everything you need to get playing right away! Discover killer combos, enhance your abilities, betray your companions, and win!

The Box Contains:
• Every retail card currently available
• 340 Binding of Isaac 2nd Edition cards
• 269 Requiem Expansion Cards
• 98 Cards from the Four Souls+ Expansion
• 100 plastic "Tainted" pennies, 10 plastic nickels, & a "Tainted" coin Bag
• A D6 with Isaac's face on one side & a D8
• 15 Heart Tokens & 15 Tear Tokens
• 12 Card Dividers
• Instructions

Ages 13+, 1-4+ players, 30-60 min


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