Warhammer: Legion Imperialis - Arvus Lighter

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The Arvus Lighter is a solid and reliable workhorse shuttle, used by the Imperialis Armada to transfer vital supplies or important personnel from ship-to-ship or ship-to-planet. The Solar Auxilia commonly employ these orbital shuttles – affectionately referred to as ‘Flying Swine’ or ‘Little Pig’ among air crews – as unarmed combat transports, armouring them against ground fire and using them to insert officers and specialists into a war zone with pinpoint accuracy.

This multipart resin kit builds an Arvus Lighter, a nimble aerial transport used by Solar Auxilia armies. This squat and durable aircraft sports no guns, but is covered with aeronautical detail, such as its powerful turbine engines and the pilot visible through the canopy. The interior cargo bay is fully detailed, with glueless assembly options allowing you to open or close the hinged rear door mid-game. Landing feet and a mounting slot beneath the hull allow you to raise the Arvus on its flight stem, or remove it to ""land"" and unload its human cargo.

This kit comprises 17 resin components, as well as a clear plastic sheet for the canopy, and comes with a Citadel Large Flying Base and Flying Stem.

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